Happy New Year from the Olsen for Congress campaign!

2018 will be an interesting and critically important year. The election is still more than 10 months away, but there is much to be done before November 6. That election will decide whether incumbents get to continue dragging our government down the path of Trumpism (not to be confused with traditional Republican values) or whether citizens like you and me will come together and reclaim the American dream for everyday Americans.
New Year’s celebrations are a time for reflection on where we have been and where we are going. We all need to consider the legacy 2017 leaves for future generations. The future generations are, of course, our children and grandchildren for many of us.
The political legacy for 2017 includes the following concerns:
A world where Democracy is faltering in many countries, while the US President extols the virtues of dictators.
A world where global warming, and its impacts on the future, are denied by the current administration.
A country where millions of people worry that they may lose their healthcare coverage, and because of that loss, their homes and life savings if a serious medical problem occurs.
A country where racists and members of the alt-right feel empowered to spew their hatred.
A country whose leaders pay lip service to family values, but then give over 80% of the long-term benefits of a hastily-enacted tax reform bill to the richest 1%. Remember, more than one in five American children continue to live in poverty.
A Tennessee First District which is an epicenter of the unaddressed national opioid epidemic.
A Tennessee First District that continues to suffer from neglected infrastructure, threatening what should be a bright and positive economic future for the region. Improvements in Broad Band Internet would be a concrete step to invigorate our region.
The future is bright if thoughtful Independents, Democrats and Republicans join together and demand Responsible Change. We must embrace our role as regional, national and world leaders. We must love and respect all our neighbors, and celebrate the power that a diverse population brings to active change. Ending one party rule in our region will make us stronger contributors to our nation and our world.
Have a great 2018 and let’s all prepare to roll up our sleeves and work toward the future that we and the generations that come after us deserve.