Women’s March 2.0

The Women’s March 2.0 for our region will start on this coming Saturday, Jan 20, at 1:00 PM. All who respect the contributions of women and who believe there is work to be done to decrease discrimination in our country are welcome to attend. I’ll be there and I am honored to have a chance to speak at the event.
My wife Natalie and I attended last year’s event, and it was very important part of my journey toward becoming a candidate for elected office. Participating in an event where so many people came together in a spirit of hope and change motivated me to start thinking about what I should do to make my community and region better. Those thoughts led me toward a decision to run for Congress, and I thank last year’s organizers for the inspiration.
Healthcare is my signature issue, and, as an Ob/Gyn physician, I’ve spent my career helping women achieve their healthcare goals. While doing that, I’ve also heard their stories. I hear about women who are exhausted from caring for their children but also caring for their elderly parents. I hear stories from women who have two jobs, but no health insurance so their own needs are unmet. I counsel women about the emotional trauma from sexual assault; these traumatic experiences may still have negative impact decades after they occur.
But I also have the privilege of watching dreams come true. Dreams of building a family. Dreams of acquiring an education. Dreams of fulfilling employment. Dreams of contributing to the community.
When we support the progress of women, we support the growth and prosperity of our communities. I hope to see you at Founder’s Park, Johnson City TN on Jan. 20.