Youth Viatality

I had quite a few events to attend over the weekend, but the most fun one was with the Junior Democrats of Hamblen County. These high school students recognized that homeless neighbors in their community needed help. But they didn’t wring their hands and wonder why someone didn’t fix the problem, and they didn’t just talk about what should be done, they stepped up and initiated a food drive. I was pleased that they invited me to join them when they delivered around $1000 worth of non-perishable food to the Morristown homeless shelter.

It is so good to see young people stepping up, contributing, and ensuring their voices are heard. In the past, millennials have had voter participation rates far below the rest of the population. There is just too much at stake for that to continue.

Our young people must join in, realize their strengths, and use their voices and their votes. They need not continue to be the first American generation to have lower expectations for economic success than their parents. They need not sit back and allow themselves to be saddled with the huge future debt burden being enlarged by the current Congress. They need not settle for poor healthcare coverage.

So it was great to observe this group of young people speaking with their actions. I am sure we are going, over the next 8 months, to see lots more people of all ages stepping up and making sure their voices are heard between now and the November midterm election.