End Prescription Profiteering and Improve Healthcare Access

As a physician, I hear people’s stories. Some of the saddest stories I hear are from patients who have treatable illnesses, but they can’t be treated because they don’t have insurance. They don’t have insurance because they don’t have jobs. They don’t have jobs because they have an untreated illness. Many of our own neighbors are stuck in this vicious cycle.
Medical bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S.
As I’ve traveled around Tennessee District 1, I’ve heard stories of loving married couples getting divorces so that the sick spouse can file bankruptcy while the well one keeps the house. I’ve heard the story of the grandmother who didn’t buy insulin to treat her diabetes because she thought it was more important to buy shoes for her grandchild.
And I have to admit that it was Congressman Roe’s vote to repeal (but not replace) the Affordable Care Act that pushed me to run for Congress. The thought that even more of my neighbors would have these experiences was appalling, especially when the beginning of the solution is so easy!
The first step is to control the cost of medications. We have to say NO to unfair super profits by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s time to say NO to medication prices that average three times as much in the U.S.A. as they do in Great Britain. Reducing the price for both people with insurance and those without could be done by allowing pharmacies and citizens in the U.S. to purchase medications from international suppliers proven to be safe. Many medications sold here are already produced overseas in manufacturing facilities inspected and certified by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
We can control medication costs and begin to take better care of people. There will be enough money around for a fair profit to drug manufacturers. Let’s put people over profits.