What is Responsible Change?

Most Americans tend to share the same goals for our society, despite differences in the ways we hope to achieve them. Marty believes that we can work together to reach these goals and to responsibly change American society for the better. Here are the ideas that form the foundation of what Marty believes we can accomplish together:

  • Most Americans believe that every child in America, no matter what that child’s ethnic background, or gender, or sexual orientation, or religion should be able to have dreams and anticipate the reality of those dreams in her or his future.
  • Most Americans believe that education is the key to future progress, and that public education is the cornerstone of our future.
  • Most Americans believe that cutting taxes on the richest people in our country while passing on debts to our children is irresponsible and harmful to future generations.
  • Most Americans recognize that sometimes our neighbors need a little help. We want our neighbors to succeed, we want our neighbors to contribute, but we know that some are so beaten down that they need a nudge or assistance before they can make future contributions.
  • Most Americans believe that the air we breathe, the water we drink, the trees in our Appalachian forests and the beauty of nature are precious and must be preserved for our children, our grandchildren, and future generations.



Healthcare is a critically important issue and was pivotal in my consideration of a run for Congress. I have sat across from patients in exam rooms and heard the stories of people who are ill and can’t get medical treatment because they don’t have insurance. They don’t have insurance because they don’t have a job. They don’t have a job because they are too sick to work. They can’t get better because they don’t have insurance. You can see what a tragic negative cycle some of our neighbors are experiencing. The recent proposals from Washington to put 22 million more people at risk for lost healthcare coverage are unacceptable. Public health studies show us that when people don’t have healthcare coverage, some of them will die.


My mother, my sister, and several aunts, uncles and cousins are or were teachers. Education has always been very important to my family and it is important to First District families as well. We need to support our public schools and we need to ensure that our young people have access to the finest educational opportunities that each of them needs to succeed. Read More


The population of young adults in the first district is stagnant. Young people are moving out of Tennessee so that they can find good jobs. A few years ago, when I was thinking about inventions and writing patent applications, I saw the challenges of building a new business. It was a challenge that my colleagues and I were unable to overcome. That did teach me, however, that small businesses frequently need support in order to start new companies that could bring jobs to our area.

International Experience

My international experience teaching other physicians in Iraq and other places makes me a uniquely qualified candidate for Congress. While traveling in international venues, I learned that most people around the world want peace and prosperity for themselves and their children. I remember what one Middle Eastern citizen told me, “All we ask is the chance to have dreams and to raise our children in peace.”

 Dysfunction in Washington

We can do better than the chaos seen in our Federal government over the past several months. We’re losing our leadership position in the world and ceding it to Russia and China. Our friends no longer trust us and America’s enemies are energized. At home, two or three times a week we hear of some new disruption which unsettles the public. We need someone in Congress who will put country above party. We need someone who will ensure that American laws are followed.